Shoes crafted for business punks


Graduated from The Cordwainers - London College of Fashion, Samuel worked as a shoe designer for high street brands, custom sneaker labels and bespoke tailoring house before starting his apprenticeship at the atelier of master shoemaker Mr.Masaru Okuyama.


Ordering Process

At initial meeting, customer will be asked to step into a cast making foam to capture the silouette of both feet, followed by tape measurements for precise figures in order to sculpt the shoelasts.

Material and Style are then decided. The bespoke service is highly customizable as everything is designed from scratch unlike the MTO or ready to wear shoes where pattern and certain parts are adaptation to an existing model.

After the details are decided, client and the maker will meet for fitting sessions. The final pair is then hand assesmbled, from pattern cutting, stitching, welting, dyed and polished.

The whole process would take 6 to 9 months to complete.



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